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QueueCraft is based in Austin, Texas and is focused on providing simple solutions for small businesses selling online.

Our team has been building software, websites and apps for over two decades. We know that an app is only useful if it is focused, easy to use, and fully supported. We've seen too many apps that try to do 'too much' and end up over complicated, bloated, and way too expensive.

Our apps are each focused on a single purpose. They leave out the junk. They are easy to use without reading tons of documentation (but we write the documentation just in case). They are affordable.

The initial focus is on Shopify apps that provide essential functionality for small Shopify merchants. Our first app, Essential Inventory Alerts was released in early 2021. Additional apps are on the way.

We're not trying to change the world. We're just trying to make running your online store a little easier.

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Based in Austin, Texas
Founded in 2020

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