Plus and Free Editions

Essential Inventory Alerts

Essential Inventory Alerts is available in both free and paid editions. The Plus edition of Essential Inventory Alerts adds extra functionality to let you customize your inventory alerts.

The app installs as the free edition. Upgrade to Plus at anytime from within the app. Click here to learn more.

Control what gets checked


Have some things you don’t want to receive alerts about? With the Plus upgrade, you can exclude specific products, variants and collections from checks.

Get just the alerts you need, and skip the rest!

Pause alerts for some peace and quiet


Need a break? The Plus upgrade lets you pause all alerts until a specific date, then they automatically resume. Perfect for vacations!

You can also pause alerts for specific products until a date, great for when you’ve got inventory on the way.

Send alerts to more people


Keep your team informed. With Plus, you can specify up to 10 email addresses that will receive alerts.

Check more products


The free version only checks the first 100 products. Upgrade to Plus, and get up to 1000 products checked with every alert.

Comparison of Plus and Free Editions

Feature Free Edition Plus Edition
Price Free $6/month
Get inventory alerts emailed to you.
Set the time and days you'll get alerts.
Integrated with Shopify, and accessible right from your admin.
View your inventory alerts online within Shopify.
Dashboard view gives you a quick glance at alerts and settings.
Check inventory on demand from the app.
Resend email alerts from the app.
Set custom low and critical thresholds for alerts.
Alerts highlight products that are newly low on inventory.
Optionally only send the email when something changes.
Automatically ignores products that don't track inventory.
Free support via email
Cancel anytime
Maximum number of products checked. 100 1000
Send alerts to multiple email addresses.
Exclude specific products from alerts.
Exclude specific variants from alerts.
Exclude specific collections from alerts.
Pause all alerts until a specific date.
Pause selected variants until a specific date.