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Resetting the App

Resetting your configuration will return the app to the defaults. Any customized settings will be removed, and you'll be returned to 'setup mode.'

You can reset at any time, but there is no going back...after resetting you'll need to reconfigure everything again.

To reset your app:

  1. Open the app by going to your Shopify admin, clicking Apps, then clicking Essential Inventory Alerts.
  2. Click Configure at the top of the app.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Configure Alerts page and click the Reset Configuration button.

After you reset the app, you'll be back in 'setup mode'. This means:

  • Your Dashboard will show a Setup Instructions section.
  • Your email address will be reset to the default email address for the store.
  • All settings will be set to defaults, including the alert schedule.
  • You will not receive alerts until you complete the setup process again.