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Configuring Paused Alerts

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Pausing alerts lets you temporarily ignore inventory alerts for a specific product variant. Pausing silences alerts until a specific date, after which alerts resume.

This is perfect for when you have more inventory on the way and want to simply ignore alerts until the additional inventory arrives.

If you want to permanently remove something from your alerts, use exclusions instead.

  1. Open the app by going to your Shopify admin, clicking Apps, then clicking Essential Inventory Alerts.
  2. Click Configure at the top of the app.
  3. Scroll down to Pause Alerts.
  4. Click on Configure Paused Alerts

You can also pause alerts directly from the Alerts page.

Pausing vs. Excluding

The app supports both pausing alerts and excluding products. Pausing, described here, is temporary. When you pause something, it is paused until a specific date. After that date, paused products automatically un-pause and resume sending alerts. Excluding permanently removes a product or collection from your alerts. Once excluded, an item will never appear in your alerts unless you 'un-exclude' it.

When to use exclude or pause:

  • Pause things that you want to ignore just for now.
  • Pause things that you've already handled (like if you've got more inventory on the way).
  • Pause everything if you're taking a break (vacation, etc.) and don't want to be bothered until you're back.
  • Exclude things that should never be checked.
  • Exclude things that you simply want to disappear and be ignored by the app.

Pausing All Alerts

Sometimes you'll want to ignore all alerts for a period of time. For example, if you're going on vacation you might not want to be bothered with inventory alerts. Pausing all alerts will simply pause your inventory checks until a specific date. The app stays installed and running, but it won't check your inventory or email you until the pause expires.

To pause all alerts:

  1. Check checkbox for Pause all alerts until a specific date. .
  2. Click on the date to the right to choose when the pause should expire.

Pausing Individual Products

You can also pause alerts for specific products.

  1. Click the Add Products to Pause button.
  2. Select the products or variants to pause. Note: products and variants that are already paused are NOT shown as checked in this list - that's normal.
  3. Click Add to add the selected items to your paused alerts.
  4. For each added product, click on the date to set when alerts should resume.

Removing a Pause

If you have previously paused a product or variant, you can easily 'un-pause' it, so it will again be checked. Just find the item in the list of paused products and click the - button to the right.

Quickly Pause/Un-Pause Products from Alerts

Frequently, you'll be looking at your alerts when you decide you need to pause something. The app makes it easy to pause or un-pause a product right from the Alerts page.

  1. Open the app by going to your Shopify admin, clicking Apps, then clicking Essential Inventory Alerts.
  2. Click Alerts at the top of the app.
  3. Locate the item in the list of alerts and click the Pause button on the left of the inventory value.