Help & Support


Essential Inventory Alerts is a Shopify app, available through the Shopify App Store. It can be easily installed for any Shopify store.

To install the app:

  1. Visit the app's Shopify App Store page.
  2. Click Add App, and log into your store if necessary.
  3. When prompted, authorize the app for your store by clicking Install App.
  4. After installation completes, you'll see the app in your Shopify admin screen and will be prompted to complete setup.

When you install the app, Shopify will ask you to approve the permissions the app will use.

Here's what this means, and why we ask for it:

  • View Shopify account data - this is basic stuff like your shop name, email address, etc. We have to access this just to configure the app for you.
  • View products - we need access to your products to check inventory levels. That's kinda the whole point, right?

Note that we DO NOT request access to, or use, your shop's order information or customer list. We don't need that info to tell you about inventory levels. Keep your info and your customers safe by limiting access to that information. We don't need it, so we don't ask for it.