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Using the Alert Emails

The app's main purpose is to send you inventory alerts via email. The emails are sent according to your configuration, and provide a list of products and variants that are low on inventory.

What's in the Email?

The email contains a few parts.

  • Header, right at the top, shows when the email was sent. The header also includes an Open in Shopify button that will take you to the app in your Shopify admin. This is a fast way to go view or pause alerts, or to update your configuration.
  • New Alerts will appear if there are products or variants that have just become low. This is a quick way to see what items have just now become low on inventory.
  • All Alerts shows all products that are low on inventory, including things that have been low for a long time.

Each item shows it's current inventory level, the name, and the variant name. You can click on the product name to open that product in your Shopify Admin.

Products that are critical (inventory level is below the threshold you configured as 'critical') have their inventory level highlighted in red. Products that are low are highlighted in orange.

Who Gets the Email?

The email is sent to every email address you've specified in the Recipients configuration. The free version of the app supports one recipient, while the Plus edition supports multiple recipients. Just select the option to Only send alert email if there are new alerts..

Only Want an Email When There Are New Alerts?

If you have some products that are always low, you may not want alerts all the time. You might just want to know when a new product becomes low on inventory. You can control this from the Send Only If New configuration.

What Determines Low and Critical?

You can specify the quantity that is considered low or critical from the Thresholds configuration to fit your needs.

When is the Email Sent?

By default, inventory is checked every day at a specific time. You can customize the time and days on the Schedule configuration.

Can Certain Products be Removed From Alerts?

PLUS ONLYAvailable only to Plus subscribers. Learn More.

Yes, with the Plus edition. You can exclude individual products, variants, or collections from alerts. This tells the app to just ignore those items. This is done from the Excluding Alerts configuration.

Can Emails be Paused?

PLUS ONLYAvailable only to Plus subscribers. Learn More.

Yes, with the Plus edition. If you're going on vacation, you can pause all alerts from the Pausing Alerts configuration. You an also pause individual products or variants, which is useful if you've got more inventory on the way. When you pause something, you are pausing it until a specific date. After that, alerts automatically resume.